Monday, November 10, 2008

A Weekend On The Greenbrier

The Meads and Schudas shared this past weekend at Seebert. It is always a great time spending time with our friends and I thought I should post this morning some photos of our time on the Greenbrier River. It was beautiful as we arrived on Friday. The river was pristine and it was certainly a fine fall evening.

The origin of the name, Greenbrier River, is said to be from the name, Riviere de la Ronceverte, given the river by early French explorers. "Ronce Verte", which literally means "brier green," possibly referring to (green) briers found growing along the river. Some sources claim the Greenbrier River was called by the "We-ot-o-we," by a Native American tribe, the Miamas, and "We-ot-o-we," and as "O-ne-pa-ke" by the Delawares tribe. The Greenbrier is the only major undammed river in West Virginia.

Here is the trio of river watchers and, as usual, Judy is acting "silly".

Dan and I are the photographers of the group. How can we pass up photographing the local beauties?

I was born along the Greenbrier River in the hamlet of Alderson, WV. The Greenbrier River begins in the northern end of Pocahontas County near Durbin. It flows in a southwesterly direction across Pocahontas and Greenbrier counties, joining the New River just below Alderson at Hinton, WV in Summers County.

Tomorrow - the gourmet meals in Pocahontas County.


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