Friday, February 08, 2013

Water Buffalo in Jackson County, WV

JACKSON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Some residents in Jackson County want some unwelcome company out of their neighborhood. Those who live along Donohue Road say a water buffalo and feral hogs have been roaming in Evans since October.
Neighbors say they've been asking for help from the Division of Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture, but the wild animals are still roaming.
"We are in the preliminary stages of investigating the situation," WVDA Communications Officer Buddy Davidson said. "We are looking into questions regarding legal jurisdiction and ownership of the animals in this particular case and what response options might be feasible."
Evans resident Mildred McIntyre's, 93, said she normally has to chase the water buffalo out of her yard.
"I have a lot of acres for them to roam on," McIntyre said. "I just don't want him in my yard. I'd like for him to find a good home."
The animals are believed to be from a safari club that has since closed. The club was used for hunting and had a petting zoo.
One of the roaming water buffalo appears to be between 1,500 to 1,800 pounds.
Neighbors tell they do not want the animals killed but would like them moved to a safer confined area.
Davidson said the WVDA will likely have more information on who's responsible for the wild animals on Tuesday.
The water buffalo and her calf was picked up the first of the week by the DNR.  They are in quarantine to check on diseases.  Friend Curtis said this property is located about three miles as the crow flies from their house . 
We used to keep orphan animals in the basement until we could find a suitable home.  Not possible with a critter weighing almost a ton! 


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