Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today we are having a major snow event. Eight inches of snow and counting. Here I am with my trusty snow broom. The problem is that this snowfall is so heavy that I had to shovel before using the broom technology.

I was in the basement early this morning when I heard noises on the porch. As I investigated, I found Lee Ellyson sweeping off the porch. He had shoveled around the car so we could get the snow and ice off the van. Don, who lives across the road from us, is always bringing in our trash can, getting the mail when we are gone, and sweeping snow. We have wonderful neighbors!

I dug a path to the out building so I could get my ergonomically correct snow shovel!

I always keep my eyes open for sculptures that only nature can produce.

I cleared most of the driveway. Who should show up to help me finish the job by clearing snow at the end of the driveway and around the mailbox? It is our friend Lee with his mighty snow removal system. Thanks Lee!

Hope you all have the blessing of great neighbors!


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