Monday, August 31, 2009

Spencer Photos 2

During our visit with Aunt Judy and Uncle Bill, Aunt Judy did the "puppet thing" for the kids. A baby dinosaur hatched from its egg. Sam was so funny. He was startled at first by her green turtle puppet, but soon it became his friend. Judy has quite a collection of wonderful puppets and she is so masterful in bringing them to life.

Sam decided it was time to climb his first tree. (Well, Aunt Judy and Mom Sarah decided!) He did need some assistance from the tree pushers.

Success! The apple tree has been conquered.

The photo below is a favorite.

Grandma and Nate are sizing up this climbing adventure. The porch is an excellent viewing area.

Nate is not certain why big brother is up a tree. It will only be a few more years when Nathaniel James will be doing the climbing.

Sam ran around the house about five times. We would say "Start your engines. Get ready, set, and GO"!

He giggled throughout his run. When he came back to the starting line, we would clap and yell for him. Man, he was a tired puppy, but still continued his race. After he finished, he was so hot. A popcicle was a necessity.

What a great time we had visiting family!


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